Mr. Madison refrains from pleading guilty

I was collecting hair, like little bits of hair, it was harmless, really, I mean, from barbershops, they throw it out at the end of the day and I was collecting it and using it, that isn't really stalking, not like they say it is, I was using the hair, its not like I was obsessing with the hair or sleeping with it, or putting it in my mouth and eating it, you know, I was collecting it, and I happened to go to places like salons, you know, among other places, hundreds of other places, not just salons, not just women's salons and not just the salon that she happens to go to every week, but other places too, like the barbershop off Delancy, that place has such good business, I could go twice a day and get two garbage bags full of hair, and they don't even watch their dumpsters, they don't care at all, I mean, have them go through all that hair and see if this is really stalking, let them see how much, you know, hair I was collecting and then they can come back to me, they can come back right here and say look we've seen all this, you know, we've seen this hair we've run a lot of tests on this hair and we think you were stalking 2,552 people since last july, and you are under arrest for stalking 2,552 people for nine months, because really, that is what they are going to find, when they start tracing all these DNA things that they are going to have to trace, they aren't going to find one lonely woman from the heights, they are gonna find a bunch of, you know, hobos, and whatnot, and those freaks from the lower haight and even the mission types, and probably, because, I don't know, I was at this for a long time, they are gonna come across all sorts of people, maybe even people they know, like that couple from the marina that likes the salon off van ness, then what, you know, all of them are going to come on in here, telling me that I can't like hair and I can't collect things that don't belong to me even though nobody wants it anymore, nobody wants their hair that they don't have anymore, its not like there are a bunch of people saying they miss all their hair and they wish they had collected their hair all their lives and stored it up in a room somewhere, in a cabin somewhere, like in vermont, and kept adding to it every six weeks, you know, kept driving or flying up to their cabin and keeping their hair, its not like this is happening, so I'm taking something that nobody wants, least of all that woman, and I'm collecting it, I'm using it, I'm using the things that nobody wants, nobody wants to have anymore, and they leave all over the place, and I'm using it, but they can't have that, it must be stalking, because once you start collecting the things that once were people, that once were part of people, all those people in the heights and all those people downtown start saying that you can't take things that aren't yours even if nobody wants it anymore--otherwise you are just stalking, plain and simple, just stalking the women in the salons, making them feel unsafe, making them feel unsafe because you're using their garbage, you know, the stuff they don't want anymore, and they are feeling unsafe because it was theirs, once, you know, like a pair of pants, and now they have decided they don't want it, don't want it all, and they don't want anybody else to have it either even if I'm just making carpets, rugs really, for the nice couples north of the city.

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