city gardens

Fuck it, you know, I was all coming up here, earlier, you know a lot earlier, and I was thinking about all the little changes that have been going on, you know, like the fence next to this guy's house, you know this new fence, that just came out of nowhere, just a fence built right there to protect the plants or something, some sort of garden, I think, you know, but that was earlier, and there was the man squatting across the street in some new fenced in community garden, here he was just squatting and digging in the dirt, you know this grown man digging in the dirt, like he had nothing to concern him but the mud and the mud had nothing to concern him with, not at all and, then it was just hitting me like that, you know especially earlier, when I was walking around, back and forth, this whole block, even more than the block, you know past the block, and into some of those parts over, you know, even in Far Rock, where my friend lives, he seeing the same thing, just these little fences starting to come up and protect these plants and a bunch of grown men, grown men, sitting in the area and getting all dirty, getting down into the mud and with the roots and spending all day, like all day on a saturday, out there in their garden, in their new little garden, brought in by a bunch of those people, set up by a bunch of those people, yeah, I know they are from the city, but they aren't from the city, not around here, they don't end up in parts of the city where you look at a face and you know he's seen the city and you know he's from the city, they aren't from this part of the city, not the one we've been coming up in all this time, and so, you know, earlier, maybe even much earlier, I was concerned, I suppose, and I think, maybe, I was even conflicted, right, like I had this feeling that there was something not right about this grown man all fenced in and talking to all these people that have no business walking around back here, and then, you know, you know why I was conflicted, because, you know, the city blocks with the fences and all those things growing up back there are really ok, you know, and earlier, I was thinking it was really ok, it was probably even really worth something, you know, like green is a good color, and it felt good, but man, that is like the poison that we are getting fed, you know right now, right this second, just like that, just in a second, just like that old man squatting in the mud, not thinking there something wrong with that, just in that second, I was, you know converted to thinking like they wanted me to start thinking, thinking its ok if I am squatting in my owh mud, in my own street, like that's ok, but I know that's not ok, I mean that isn't even a little bit ok, that is just wrong, you know the kind of thing that you know is just wrong, that's how it is, and so, you know, really, even after all that color, really--fuck the plants, man, fuck the plants, because I am squatting in my own street, looking like I can't even protect nobody from coming at me, and you know, as I was saying, you know, this was earlier, this was earlier, now, really, fuck it, I mean it, I mean fuck it, there is no way I am gonna run around here, just here, and let my brother or my uncle, you know, let them start squatting and thinking that everything is ok because look at this, I mean, look at this, its a far way from being ok, its pretty fucking far from being all right. Yeah, so fuck it, I said fuck it, and honestly, fuck it because its far from ok, its really pretty far from ok, and like I'll ever really have the chance, really, you know, of trying to understand how messed up it must be, I mean, of really knowing how messed up it must be, of really letting everybody know how messed up things have really gotten, how disconnected I must be, how disconnected all of us here in this city must be, when I am convinced, and I am really convinced, you know, that I have to take out an old man because he's fucking gardening in my neighborhood.

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