my early escalation into dissatisfaction

I could tell him to fuck off, you know, be really direct about it, just come out and tell him that I am tired of this fucking shit:

Where are you going?
I am going to class. I have a class. I need to sit in class.
Where is your friend?

I don't know. I haven't seen him. I think he is in Africa. Building houses and walking around the desert, real lost like.
Do you think he is lost?
Not really. He doesn't get lost.
Have you spoken to him lately?

No. I haven't spoken to him lately. Not in a long time. He is off walking on sand and then flying to strange places and eating strange foods.

I was hungry, real hungry, I think, I mean I must have been really hungry, like starving, you know, like hungry all over, like you are always a little bit faint, like you aren't getting the right things into your body even though you are getting something into your body but it's mostly the wrong things, or it certainly isn't enough of the right things. I don't think I was getting any of the right things. I was tired all the time and hungry. And then I was faint. I was crawling out of my skin, real sneaky like, like I was just letting my body crash. Then I collapsed, I just collapsed. It had everything to do with a dream, I think, everything that I've ever had with dreams. I mean, that is how you describe it, right? That's how I describe it, like a dream, at least that is how they would describe it. Right? Don't you think that is how they'd describe it? I would at least. Well, it felt like coming out of a spaceship or something, after I collapsed. You know the whole class had moved around, adjusted themselves to see maybe if they could see a little bit more and there I was walking in off the spaceship, waving to the little earth people, and still desperately hungry, my own mind watering, and the whole place looking like a goddamn desert, and there I am running back to it, with a big schmuck smile on my face, you know, eager to get back to this place where I know there is nothing for me to fucking eat. I couldn't even try to find something here. There is no chance that there is anything here. And I am just starting to fall flat, uncontrolled and flat, disappear into a self-loathing shadow of cactii--that would be my great finale. I have already come to recognize my ephemeral state and my limited range. But not my disappearance. I can't stand my willing disappearance.

He's not really in Africa is he?
I don't know if he's really in Africa. That's what he tells me. It sure sounds different than here.
Do you think he'll come back?
I don't think I'd come back. Not from Africa. Not when it is terribly romantic and beautiful in Africa.

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