We got robbed.

I am decide to break the bank. You call me, it runs, like a clock. Like clock work.

Put in and punch out. I put it. I took it out.


So let's get focused. The mistakes are not my hidden attentions. I am trying to say something very direct. I am tired of tried.

"Citibank, motherfuckers, all those big buildings leased to big companies and no one to blame. Knock one down and then there's a whole nation to blame, doesn't matter if they are women or children or if no one there blew away anything on American soil before (but might, now). Yes it does. It matters. No time for sarcasm. No time for anything but to live in the shadow of the fact that your life is short, and all yours. What will you do? I tell you what I want to do; I want to honor my place on the planet by doing the things I do well, well. Next time, if there is one, I may not be able to do these things; type; relax; lie on a couch with a computer and a talk streaming over the internet from a NY Times columnist. I might be in the sand, bombed; I might not be at all."

so I am vein, and I am blue. I am death star and lightning high in the sky. Count the stars over the countryside, red rocks, martian rocks here on earth and yet most do not see it. Bring me your glasses, Dad, I'll clean them with my shirt. To help you see. So we can see each other, maybe a little more than lately, I know time is short. Our lives last so long and then...

I am circle and green. I am Washington on the dollar paper. The rolling paper on the street. Some things you see with your eyes, others you just have to hear. On the radio, I hear a song like distant thunder, Thunderroad, Bruce, my man, boss, boss, boss, everyone's gotta be a boss sometimes.

I wrote this with my eyes closed.


punch out

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