this business of being light

I would like to get down to this business of being light. Tia, Bobby-Dean, Nicole -- we're putting on a play and I'd like you to be the stars. I am playing the sky, and this machine here, yes this one right here, this machine plays the subatomic substances that make us who we are, that governs our relationships to ourselves, and to each other

I mean you, Bobby-Dean. Your belly, the dirt under your nails. I mean you, Tia. I haven't forgotten how your body felt. It was wonderful.

But there is no more time! In the business of being light, we can' stop to differentiate between which body touched whose in the dark, or divide up time between 'back then' and 'tomorrow.' I want to leave that all behind. And if you three want in, then just lie and and let me hook you up and I guarantee that when you return to the streets and are hungry, dirty, or sad, you will remember how it felt and though it won't save you (or you, or you, or me) it will have mattered, yes, that time, not tomorrow, not back then, when you were small enough to sing the world into being--

when we were valuable

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