the end

And so the story was over and its narrator no longer hovering outside the page turned inside and became a bright blue ball of light; and the actor who was the hero was no longer bound by the narrator's words, and he moved free and fast down the dark city streets, the bright blue ball of light ahead of him, which he chased while kicking up his heels and letting out shouts into the world; he became a dumb animal no longer mute, still preverbal, with great deep guttural sounds shaking his ribs as he cried out with the realization that the narrator that once held him in time and place (to women he loved, things his mother said when and all the work he put his hand to) finally let him go.

So where are we now? It wasn't my story to tell anymore, and I couldn't slow down. As I rose up I felt his hand so close to me, I could feel him breathing hard and realized as much as I knew about what came before -- his words, his scar, his love -- neither of us had any idea what was going to happen next.


Anonymous said...

The next chapter in his life surprised them all. First, he decided to take night classes at the Chewniversity to learn Snackonomics. When school bored him, he hatched a plan to swim across the Choclantic Ocean at studies' end. But first, he had to schedule an appointment with Dr. Feedzmore to ensure that he had a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, it turned out that he needed a Hungerectomy. While recovering from the operation, he learned Snacklish from his roommate, who was recovering after a workplace accident (luckily, he was covered by workmens' chompensation). It seemed the good times would never end.

Anonymous said...

Administer the chocodote!