for example

the reasons seemed quite simple in the end. in every bag was x number of marbles. we knew they were red, blue, and white. but we didn't know how many there were of each, or how to make them sing. this was a mission of mine, it was personal, you know, so I didn't explain to anyone else why I wanted to do it. I just said,

how can we teach these marbles to sing?

and padro replied,

hold them close to the ears in the side of your head until they see what happens inside. then they will understand, all of them, even if x > 20 or x > 30 or x >= the number of cells in your head, or heart, or limbs, whatever, you see it didn't matter in the end, it was quite simple: take what you need from the thing with no mouth, no way to sing, and put it into your mouth and then open wide. and if it works everyone will hear what you've been needing, what you've been wanting, more than anything else, and no one will know what you had to lose or let go of or break to get it, or how I didn't even know what I wanted except to know what I wanted to want next.

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