(exercise #1)

We stood in the center of the room and Jen drew a circle around us in chalk. What were our habits, what were our peculiarities -- whatever made us who we are went inside. Outside went everything else.

Q: What went outside?


I named every body part for her, kneeling as I was on one knee, hurting vaguely. "This one, this one, that one!" Each time I said the name to the best of my ability. Funny bone was funny. So were toes, pinky, and earlobe. Clavicle, neck, head -- nothing funny about that.


Jen said, "Remember when we were in college? You tried to kiss me."

"I remember. The kiss failed."

"But I remembered it."

"Well, that's something."

"It is."

We put it in the circle.


Where does that favorite writer of yours lead to? I mean, in the sequence. Who did you find because of him?

It's like a great mystery up, hurry up before the case is closed.

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