The bridge from Freemont to Columbus


The wind comes from the north and the wind comes down the river and the wind is cold. The men and women on the ferry hug one another and they make faces that make them look happy but the men and women are really cold.



The Orange Jackets won 15-3 last night, Dave says to Martin. Dave sits next to Martin on the ferry. Dave reads about bridges. I am going to build a bridge from Freemont to Columbus, Dave says. I don’t even have a car, Martin says. You won’t need a car, Dave says. You can walk across the bridge.


It is hot in July and Martin marries Stacey in the church that is on the cliff and looks at Freemont. Jefferson takes photographs and charges $1.25 for every photograph. I took fifty-five photographs, Jefferson says. I bought this tuxedo for $29.65, Martin says.


Martin works at Columbus Bank. Martin is a bank teller. Columbus Bank is in Columbus. Freemont and Columbus are on a river but they are not on the same side of the river and Freemont is where people live who don’t live in Columbus. Most of the jobs are in Columbus, Stacey says and she is washing dishes.


Dave is going to build a bridge to Columbus, Martin says. Martin married Stacey because she makes little kitten noises when she empties the dishwasher.


Dave is in the Columbus Bank and he talks to Mr. Jacobson. Mr. Jacobson works on the top floor and he has an office that has two big windows and two big leather couches. I have a secretary that I like to have sex with, Mr. Jacobson says. I eat dinner at Gary’s Sushi because it is only $4.95 for a very big meal, Dave says.


At 7:45 Martin walks to the ferry building and walks onto the ferry. On the ferry, Martin reads the Freemont Daily paper. The Freemont Daily paper writes about Columbus. The paper says: Man to build Bridge to Columbus.


Two women row a boat across the Columbus River and they row in record time and the time is under ten minutes. Wow, Martin thinks. What can I do in less than ten minutes, Martin wonders but he can’t think of anything and he eventually decides that ten minutes is not that much time.

Dave builds a bridge from Freemont to Columbus. The bridge has tall towers and the bridge is silver and the bridge looks like it connects two cities that have pretty things inside them.


The Columbus Bank was just bought by the Freemont Bank, Jack says. You can buy banks, Lou asks. You can't have a Freemont Bank in Columbus, Stan says. They are going to carry the bank across the bridge, Jack says.


Martin sits behind the glass at the Freemont Bank. Martin asks Mrs. Morrison if she wants tens and fives or just fives. Just fives, Mrs. Morrison says.


In the winter the bridge freezes and turns to ice and the cars on the bridge get stuck.


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