sorry S----, I was away for New Years

where to go in 2008? where to sing for someone who knows you mean it? I want that new frontier, inner space, but not mine. some mornings I wake up hating the constellations, The Reluctant Lover, the Libra; where I dreamt of being robbed on the streets of Los Angeles and woke up missing my shirt. where they played pool and danced a crazy conga as we sang "we will not let them win" over a major chord progression I wrote three floors up and half a mile from the grounds of greenwood cemetery, final resting place of revolutionaries and 911 victims, headstones, here lies the sons and daughters of the fathers and mothers of the united states of america, the indivisible, one nation under earth. S---- I hope you wrote something good. You see dots and are holding the pencil. What I see: people I want to touch, sunlight teetering and then gone, a resolution to let it all go. It is 2000 and 8 in America and now is our last chance to become what we need to be. where the neighborhoods change and the subway trains are held momentarily and then dispatched into darkness. where the snow makes a sound I cannot hear, my headphones are too loud, clearly I've got something to say but it just comes out da da da. give me a beat and we'll sing da da dowop pah pah! da da dowop pah pah! it's a new frontier. let's be men not apes let's hold our pens with flexible thumbs slow down and love someone its easy as 5 4 321

you know I mean it. happy new year

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