Instead of a country there are numbers. The numbers go out in every direction at every angle, and the angles that describe them are also numbers, and the distance they travel are numbers too.

Instead of citizens there are patterns of change. Some pattern are predictable, certain number sequences reoccur, but always in a changing relationship to each other, themselves, and the whole.

The whole is what you call the world. Inside it are more wholes; they are smaller and infinite. What you call the world is itself a smaller, infinite whole inside a larger infinity of numbers in changing relation to each other, making patterns you can call the universe, or the multi-verse, and so on and on.

God is the name I use when I am thinking about the whole. I live in the United States of America. I am a citizen. There are infinities above me and below me. I am happy sometimes and scared of the part of the pattern that repeats for me and the smaller and infinite wholes I call Mom, Dad, Jennifer, and Sarah; and my friends; and some are named Steve and Marcus and Geoff and Miguel but when I am thinking of them and I am thinking very well God is the name that comes. Work is what binds me to the responsibilities of the world, which are: love, fairness, and participation with humility.

Mostly I participate; mostly I am not humble; and then comes the numbers with a new whole God made of stars or pain and what I do next is my choice, though it moves in every direction, at every angle, and belongs to everyone.

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