House Party


It is October and it is cold. Keenan lives in a blue house with a white door and black shudders. Keenan is five. Keenan rings George’s doorbell and George answers the door. Is it Halloween, Keenan asks. George shakes his head and shuts the door. George walks into his basement. It is dark in the basement.

Is it Halloween, George wonders.


George buys milk from Sara. Sara is a cashier at New Hope Grocery store. She is nineteen. She wears pigtails and chews gum and blows bubbles. You drink a lot of milk George, Sara says. George doesn’t say anything to Sara because he can’t think of anything to say. Have a good night George, Sara says. Ok, George says.

George walks to the hardware store. Hi Jack, George says. Hi George, Jack says. George buys rope from Jack. I am building a sailboat, George says. Oh, Jack says.

The man on the television says that it is time to turn the clocks to another hour so that the winter will be darker. The man on the television likes the winter darker so that he can hide in his basement and make babies with his secretary. George pours whiskey into the milk carton and puts the carton in the fridge. He walks to the center of his kitchen and sits in his rocking chair. I am really thirsty, George thinks.

My wife is a whore, the man on the radio says. The man on the television laughs. George decides it is time to open the fridge and drink the carton of milk. I like Sara, George thinks. George falls asleep in his chair in his kitchen.


George hangs from a tree. The tree is on the playground next to the elementary school. The elementary school is called New Hope Elementary School. Marco and Sally play in the sandbox. Marco is six. Sally is five. Is that George in the tree, Marco asks. Sally waves.


I didn’t know there would be blood, Greg says. Greg is a police captain. Greg has his hands in his pockets. Should we cut him down, Marty asks. Marty graduated from the Police academy with perfect scores. Why are you in your bathrobe officer, Ms. Lashley asks. Cut him down, Greg says and walks to his car.

Gary runs in the morning. Gary runs by Greg. Hi Greg, Gary says. Hi Gary, Greg says.


At night, Gary has a warring party. We are going to war after all, Gary tells Meg. Fine, Meg says.

Lou captures Eastern Europe. You are wearing a smock, Meg says. Lou made me the Queen of the Ukraine, Michelle says. Michelle is smiling like she is on a stage. Michelle is smiling like she is on a stage and she is waving from the stage and men and women are standing clapping and throwing flowers.

We just lost Eastern Europe, Lou says.


He always said hello, Greg says.


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