Two Questions

What am I? I have lived my life in circles and so far it has come to nothing
but extraordinary. Apple fields, rosemary in the dark, I have walked the miles
to the moon and back, stopped time, transcended it once. Am I not like

the seconds, who pass so fast and feel so slow? With a perfect clock it is
easy to show how time moves quicker on the surface of heavenly bodies,
like the Earth. Once I dreamt my first love came to me (disguised as
a woman from TV); she said: Stick close to the surface of things,

and I knew she was right. That morning the Earth was bright and inviting,
like a blank sheet of paper, and I rode the subway drunk on smiling hours.
She didn't have to tell me twice; years ago I rose up from my body in a

N.Y. hotel room. There is no way to know how long the moment lasted, but from
that height I was given a chance to look at my whole life, until it ended, and
the glimpse was gone. I do remember what I had to do, though, how I had to
smile at how simple it was: to say yes to everything: to the moon and the silent

fields and the ocean running in circles. Even hurt had a place. It would be
some time before I heard the world whisper back and yes me to my place
in the order of things, but still the questions remain: who am I, what am I that

keeps finding myself around every corner, the seconds passing like rain so softly?


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