My Third Marriage


He is harbored by termites. The un-teethed borrow his shelter call and whisper: Lu. He is teethed. She is Lu. She is massacred on his front lawn. He hides behind a curtain. His body is naked and thin and bony. Her body is half naked and dead and is on the grass. Her body looks like a broken tent. The garbage man makes $17 every hour. He stops the truck. He puts her body in a bag. He starts the truck.


Hank and Helen have an undeveloped marriage. Helen ties Hank to a bedpost and tells him that he looks like a chipmunk. Helen beats Hank with a stick. Hank cries and bleeds and his skin is red. Helen rubs her fingers on his back. Helen licks her fingers. The family doctor has short hair and tiny fingers. Don’t hit Hank when he is tied up, the doctor says. He looks at Hank. Hank is still tied to the bed. His face is on the wooden floor. The legs of the bed are in the air. Ok, Helen says.


The five year old boy buries his uncle in the garden. His uncle is green and has puffy cheeks. His Uncle’s eyes are like little marbles. I think his eyes will explode soon, the boy thinks. Maybe I should just bury his head, the boy thinks. The boy will learn to add 5’s in class today. His teacher will tell him to count with his hands. One, two, three, four, five. His teacher is tall like a lady and smells like the women that leave his father’s office in the springtime. They have red faces then, the boy thinks.

The boy goes to the garage and gets a saw. It will be easier to bury his head without his body, he thinks. His uncle’s body is not green and is not puffy. The boy begins to saw. The Uncle’s body twitches. I better saw quickly, the boy thinks. Soon, he will be able to count 5, 10, 15, 20.


The prostitutes look like chickens. But they make $75 every hour and they can count by 75’s and they don’t mind being tied up.


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