Once Woman



It is in the evening and the woman is naked in the street. The woman has clean skin and smooth back and she has lined herself on the sidewalk.


She is robbed and beaten and her flesh is bitten and torn and she is left in the alley to bleed and turn.


She is naked and clean and taut and she has collected the pieces of her arms and walked back into the street naked.


I am not dead, she thinks.


Sally has a horse and her horse is called Holden and Holden is a black horse. Holden has strong legs and Holden can run and trot and gallop. Sally is white and has gold hair and she wears white robes when she rides her black horse through the green and brown land.

Sally is a woman from a house that has a balcony and the house looks like a big ocean ship. Sally has a father and her father’s name is Caulifold and Caulifold has a wife and her name is Sara. Caulifold owns land and Caulifold smokes pipes and looks at his land and says, My.

Sally rides Holden in the early morning. Holden makes horse sounds. Sally pats Holden when Holden makes horse sounds. Sally and Holden look like a white and black picture that is from a time when there was not color in the photographs. Except for the land. The land is green. When the white and black horse and woman are on the land the picture does have color.

Now, Sally is in the morning and she rides Holden across the small rivers on the green and brown land and the sky is blue and white and the sun begins to look yellow and Sally has music in her head that sounds like: Na-ha-ho, Ha-ha, Na-na-ho-ha-ha. Sally and Holden are close and they go on the land in the early morning like they are on the land in the early morning. The land is not man made.



The woman looks dead. She has no arms and she is bleeding in the street and her eyes are still open.


The woman has a scarf around her neck. The woman looks funny because she has no arms. The scarf around her neck is red and green. It is Christmas morning. The lights on the trees are white.


The early morning Christmas goers sing to themselves and they sing to the town and they say things like ‘Merry Christmas!’, and ‘Ho-ho-ho!’


There is one woman in the street and the one woman is cut and untied from her sex. Now, the greens and the browns and the land are not green and brown.


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